Founder Partners

Dan Kirby

Dan has over 11 years of entrepreneurial experience in the creative and digital industries, and even the time when he was employed was in two start ups!

His first business – DKPM – became a 20 strong brand design business based in Sheffield & London. Clients included BAFTA, Sony PlayStation and Hasbro. He sold his shares in that business to his founder partner in 2009.

In 2004 Dan set up Sonic ID – the world’s first transatlantic sound design business (based in London, and Portland Oregon) – clients including First Direct, BP and Zurich.

He is now CEO of Techdept – a web technology business which employs 15 full time in Sheffield & London. Clients include Activision, Topshop and Permira.

Dan is a regular public speaker, having spoken internationally and across the UK. He is an active member of BAFTA. He has invested in a number of start up ventures.

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Mike Cunningham

Mike is a Managing Director & Senior Analyst at Whitman Howard, a London based pan-European investment bank, specialising in Digital Media, Advertising Agencies and e-commerce. He was involved from start up, and the company is employee-owned.

He has covered all sectors of media as a research analyst over the last decade, as part of top-ranked Media & Internet teams at Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.

Mike has also been interviewed extensively on TV and in the press on media and digital convergence. As an institutional analyst, he has also been involved in investor education for several IPOs in the media sector.

Mike is also actively involved with a TV format production and IP company. In his work with Whitman Howard he is directly involved with various entrepreneurial projects across the digital media space, from outdoor digital media to smartphone content businesses.  


Rick Grundy

Rick started his career as a teenager developing software for monitoring gas compression trains on oil rigs. This funded his time at university and gave him a taste of entrepreneurship. After qualifying as a chemical process engineer he spent the next few years travelling the world and working in the oil industry.

In 1999 he became involved in a complex startup project aiming to relocate a refinery from Alaska to Papua New Guinea. The following years were full of interesting experiences including a stint working alongside Enron Corp, learning a lot about the realities of corporate behaviour.

Throughout his career the internet had played a large part and Rick developed his technical skills continuously. It was in 2003 that he decided to focus his career less on engineering and more on web development and technology.

It was at this time Rick started working with Dan Kirby to develop what would later become Techdept Limited a now 15 strong company delivering world class web projects