We believe in collaborative capitalism.

We find that by working together to advance shared commercial interests, everyone can win.
Based on this principle we will help build sustainable businesses, while creating opportunity for young people.

Ever thought of a better way?

We think that the key to economic growth already exists.

It exists in the minds of millions of people out there, with excellent industry insight, that want to run their own business.

Where do they go? How do they address the risks, without risking betting the house?

Knowledge and networks are key to building a sustainable business, but these take time to build. And time is money – in fact it's more expensive, as you can’t get it back.

Co Lab Partners helps potential entrepreneurs start up and sustain business ideas, to realise their true value.

We do this by sharing knowledge and employing an exclusive collaborative network of Partners.

We call it "collaborative capitalism".

We’re based in Sheffield, but have deep roots into the City of London, and global enterprise. Our founding Partners include Goldman Sachs alumni, a seasoned digital entrepreneur and a tech expert.

Our social purpose is to develop sustainable businesses while creating experience and opportunities for young people.

Collaboration in action: the Farmkit story

Pete is a sheep farmer, with a farm on the
Chatsworth estate in Derbyshire.

On the side, he buys and sells used farm equipment with his friend, Jon. But the guys found that the kit they were selling via classified advertising was re-appearing the following month at a higher price.

They weren't getting true market value.  And physical farm kit auctions are miles away, costing a lot in time and diesel.

What if there was a specialist used farm kit auction site to publish your stock? So the idea for farmkit.com was born - a better way to help farmers get the best price.  But how does a Derbyshire sheep farmer build and fund an Ecommerce platform - without risking the farm?

Working with Co Lab Partners , and releasing equity in the idea, the site launched in August 2012.

The business has been developed using our Business Development Checklist, and with a clear roadmap based on the expertise of the Partners. This insight reduces the risk and increases the likelihood of success. 

“Farmkit literally went from the pub to reality - with Pete and John building a highly experienced team of Strategy Partners - by sharing the equity value in the idea.”