Join us


  • You're in a job.
  • You've spotted a great gap in the market
  • This idea uses the internet (and we mean social media & mobile too).
  • You know which people this idea will serve, and where they are.
  • You need help creating a plan, getting finance fit.
  • You see the value in a network of experienced Partners to shape and sustain your business idea.

NOTE: our first intake of ideas will be in January 2013, though we may review ideas prior to that subject to how big a monster they are!


  • You're an experienced professional.
  • You share our vision of collaborative capitalism.
  • You can contribute knowledge and insights to the wider Partnership.
  • You recognise the social value in building sustainable businesses, and this motivates you.
  • You would jump at the chance of turning your expertise into equity in new exciting tech start ups
  • You would like to benefit from the shared ownership with comes with Partnership at Co Lab Partners. .


  • You're looking to invest in dynamic, entrepreneurial businesses in the developing e-commerce and digital media sector
  • You're looking for ideas that have been well thought through and sense checked by experienced entrepreneurs and investment professionals
  • You're looking for ideas that are written in your language - credible business plans that solve real world problems, detailed financial projections and attractive returns
  • You're looking for a better use for your capital beyond just purely financial returns - giving young local entrepreneurs their chance and playing a part in their development
  • You're looking to be part of something very special in the regions


  • You have time on your hands (eg you’re a Student or recent Graduate)
  • You're highly capable and motivated, with marketable skills
  • This idea uses the internet (and we mean social media & mobile too).
  • You're reliable and prompt
  • You're looking for work experience, or a job
  • You recognise the value that access to a network of leading business people and entrepreneurs offers you